Namena Marine Reserve
Namena Marine Reserve

Bula! Welcome to the Namena Marine Reservee

Learn more about the park, it's management and what type of marine life you can expect to see. Meet the local community and become familiar with Fijian culture. Plan your visit with our marine recreation partners and find out how to experience one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Explore Our Island Community

Visit a nation where shoes are optional and community rituals remain intact. A place covered in green where rainfalls and rivers are plenty. Take a look into this welcoming community and begin to plan your visit. more...

Preserving Our Treasure for Future Generations

Picture yourself diving in unspoiled crystal-clear waters, swimming with schools of barracuda, trevalis, and sharks. Imagine exploring 1000-foot vertical drop-offs, riding the currents up chimneys while watching bump-heads, groupers, and coral snakes meander through soft corals.

This vision is a reality at the Namena Marine Protected Area (MPA), the mecca of a Fiji diving experience.

The Namena Marine Reserve, along with the near-shore Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs), are considered “qoliqoli” and are managed by the 10 village chiefs, making up the District of Kubulau. In everyday Fijian language, “qoliqoli” is an area of sea where customary native fishing rights exist. The people of the Kubulau district have traditionally relied upon the qoliqoli for their livelihood.

In the 1980s and 90s, an increase in commercial fishing posed a serious threat to Namena’s reefs. The chiefs of Kubulau responded in 1997 by placing a total ban on fishing through the creation of the Namena MPA.

Now you can experience this treasure for yourself, thanks to their foresight.

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