Namena Marine Reserve
Namena Marine Reserve

* “Ecotales”, a Natural and Cultural History Guide, Now Available!

Ecotales Front CoverEcotales from Kubulau: A Guide to the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape, a joint publication by WCS Fiji and the Coral Reef Alliance, showcases the remarkable plants and animals that are both astounding in their beauty and culturally important to the people who live in the Vatu-i-Ra Seascape.

It is our hope that the guide will raise awareness about the importance of the plants and animals to local livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystem functions. The stories in these pages come directly from the elders of Kubulau, who have described their associations with species for medicine, decorative arts, building materials, food, and totem spirits. By collecting these stories, we are preserving the traditional knowledge that is rapidly fading away with modernization for future generations.

Proceeds from the sale of the guide will directly support ecosystem management and community development in Kubulau.

The guide is available at bookshops around Fiji and through the University of the South Pacific’s Book Center. To order your copy, please click here.