Namena Marine Reserve
Namena Marine Reserve

Community Culture

kids-small-size.jpgRich Fijian Culture

Fijian culture is historically tied to the ocean and marine life, a connection which remains strong today.  Many Fijian villagers are also traditional owners of the local fishing ground and land resources.

Many communities still farm the traditional taro root crop and produce Yaqona, the essential kava drink in Fiji. Many communities, including the Kubulau, rely on fish as their primary source of protein and are affected greatly by commercial fleets and overfishing.  One of the most famous products of Fiji is the tapa cloths. These exquisite tapestries originate from tree bark and are made throughout the pacific. Historically, tapas were created by woman of a village through a process of tearing apart, soaking, and pounding the bark.  Eventually the soft long material was imprinted and painted with a locally significant and beautiful pattern.

Due to western influence, many communities now have a passion for playing Rugby and compete regularly.


Kubulau Bose Vanua

Villages of the Kubulau

Kubulau consists of 10 distinct villages. The Namalata, Nadivakarua, Nakorovou, Waisa, Raviravi, Nasasaivua, Kilaka, Natokalau, Navatu, and Kiobo Villages are all represented in the Kubulau Management Resource Committee (KMRC) to effectively protect the qoliqoli, or the native fishing ground. Many Fijians, as in the Kubulau, follow Christianity and attend regular services.

In February 2016, Kubulau was devastated by Tropical Cyclone Winston. Like much of Fiji, rebuilding has been slow. However, the Kubulau Resource Management Committee and Bose Vanua were able to draw upon reserve funds contributed to by dive stakeholders and other partners, to support immediate relief and rebuilding efforts for Kubulau’s villages Tropical Cyclone Winston impacted (Read more here). In addition, to help offset the ongoing rebuilding costs, the community is fundraising (Click to see their YouCaring fundraiser).

The Namena Marine Reserve Zazzle page also provides a portion of every purchase to support reserve management and community development activities.raviravi


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