Namena Marine Reserve
Namena Marine Reserve

Reserve Management

Securing the Kubulau Qoliqoli
The Namena Marine Reserve, located between the principal islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, is part of the traditional fishing grounds, or “Qoliqoli,” of the Kubulau Community. This community had the foresight some years ago to better manage and conserve their natural marine resources. They sought to not only protect their fisheries from over-exploitation due to poaching and poor management, but also to develop the tourism sector as a means of providing sustainable livelihoods and benefits to the community.

kubulu management logoINVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE

The people of Kubulau had the wisdom to protect the beautiful reefs of Namena for future generations. They established a voluntary conservation contribution for those visiting the park to meet community and management needs. The voluntary conservation contribution is essential to the reserve’s success, covering management costs such as patrolling, fuel, and mooring maintenance. A portion of the contribution also funds community development projects such as the Kubulau Education Fund, which provides the children of Kubulau with scholarships for tertiary education.


Proceeds from the Conservation Contribution have enabled the Namena MPA to:

  • Eliminate destructive commercial fishing for nearly a decade
  • Install mooring buoys to reduce anchor damage
  • Provide annual scholarships for school children from the Kubulau District
  • Extend the MPA to incorporate an additional 11 protected areas in a district-wide network of MPAs

Members of the Kubulau Resource Management
Committee (KRMC) and CORAL staff

With Namena marine recreation providers and the Kubulau Resource Management Committee (KRMC), the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) established an effective and transparent voluntary conservation contribution system. Although a user fee system was in place for tourism operators to compensate villages when visiting the Namena MPA, it lacked transparency and did not realize sufficient revenue for local communities.


Poaching, due to a lack of enforcement and sufficient laws for marine protected areas in Fiji, continues to be a problem for the MPA. Additional moorings that can accommodate larger vessels are needed to avoid anchor damage on the reef at desirable dive sites.

While community benefits have been realized from the conservation contribution (over 160 scholarships provided to Kubulau children, three bus shelters constructed, and fish warden trainings launched), the need for community benefits currently exceeds the existing revenue from dive conservation contributions alone. A revised business plan is being developed for the Kubulau District as an initial step towards improved fiscal planning. Alternative livelihoods that are sustainable and successful need to be identified and developed to provide diversified revenue opportunities for the local communities in order to reduce the temptation to reopen the qoliqoli to potentially destructive commercial fishing. In addition, to help offset the rebuilding costs following Tropical Cyclone Winston, the community has an ongoing YouCaring fundraiser. You can also support the management of the reserve and community by purchasing merchandise from the Namena Marine Reserve Zazzle page (a portion of every purchase goes to support the reserve).


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